Amazon has added yet another global energy business named BP to its kitty. BP is one of the leading providers of oil and gas around the world is moving toward more cloud-based services for better efficiency and reliability in the company’s AWS services. BP is even moving away from its European mega data centers to move all their data on cloud with the help of AWS. Using AWS, the energy giant is planning to utilize more analytics, Machine Learning (ML), storage, security, database, and compute services.

BP is exploring to utilize Amazon Kinesis to bring better insights for its emissions monitoring and gas station pump operations. BP is creating a data lake on Amazon Simple Storage Service along with an additional migration of 900 key applications from the data centers to AWS cloud service. It is also devising increased acceleration in the migration of SAP applications to AWS.

AWS is looking to increase its clientele; the company was recently selected as the primary cloud provider by the ProSiebenSat. 1 Media. The media company had decided to automate its business by leveraging the AWS ML services. In case of the banking sector, Western Union also selected AWS as the preferred long-term strategic cloud provider, and Klarna, and Old Mutual Limited have also followed suit.

AWS has moved from core tech companies as its primary source of revenue and customer base, and targeting top-line and definitive sectors are the next step. AWS is looking to hold a dominant position, and it can consolidate the market. According to the Synergy Research Group report, AWS market share was about 40% in the third-quarter 2019. Although AWS has been leading the position, Google, with its effective ML solutions, has made progress in getting different industries. Azure and Alibaba are following suit with innovation and personalized services.