Brandon Hall Group, the frontrunner in recognizing, empowering, and certifying excellence in the learning and development genre, recently broke the news of certifying Qstream as a Smartchoice Preferred Solution Provider.

Recently, the Brandon Hall Group confirmed that Qstream offers innovative microlearning solutions and detailed learning analytics that directly impact job and business performance.

Post an in-detail evaluation of Qstream’s products and services, Brandon Hall Group validated that Qstream’s offerings significantly add value and benefit the organization’s L and amp;D (learning and development) and human capital efforts. This technology is developed to resolve the most critical problems faced by enterprises.

People find Qstream training programs engaging and scientifically proven to aid learners/users in retaining information to increase skill and proficiency. Businesses achieve important analytics to power business outcomes by reducing risk to remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Brandon Hall Group has consistently been the front running analyst business and ensures the highest standards a provider can gain in the market.

Experts’ take

Chief Strategy Officer of Brandon Hall Group Michael Rochelle said, “Qstream’s innovative approach to microlearning and its next generation of real-time analytics is exactly what’s needed in the L and amp;D world right now to increase learning engagement and proficiency.”

He added, “Qstream provides incredible insights into an organization’s people and makes training a truly enjoyable experience. This is exactly what businesses are demanding right now to exceed their goals and justify the impact of learning efforts.”

Chief Executive Officer of Qstream Rich Lanchantin said, “At a time when corporate learning is changing as rapidly as today, Qstream is providing a new experience that reaches and engages learners for proven proficiency gain.”
He added, “We are excited that the learning experts on the team at the Brandon Hall Group recognized our innovation by certifying Qstream as a Smartchoice® Preferred Provider.”