TalentGuard, an Austin-based talent management SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) startup that is focused on assisting companies and HR managers not only to retain employees but to better engage with them and coach them. The company has raised close to $4 million to grow its talent management business.   Linda Ginac, founder of TalentGuard in 2010 added that the company initially operated as a career coaching consulting business. The human resources professionals were primary client during that time, and many of the users had asked about applying different techniques internally that could be done for their own organizations using the automation tool. The company then shifted its focus from a talent training company to Software Company focused on the career coaching company, during December 2013.

The company was first able to launch a beta version in April 2014, and since then the revenue has grown close to 200 percent year-over-year. The company was initially bootstrapped, only raising a total of $3.5 million from the angel investors over the course of nine years. TalentGurad currently has 27 employees in the United States and Mexico with more than 80 customers that are ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Linda Ginac added that most of the customers are from the high turnover industry, such as retail, financial services, or hospitality. Such sectors have typically hard time recruiting and keeping the talent with the top reason being the lack of career development.

TalentGuard plans to use its new capital for attracting more customers and expanding its current footprint across the US and globally. The current office in Mexico and along with that the company is planning to open a new location in Ireland in Q4. The company is planning to add a new set of employees to the current workforce that will focus on skills in AI and machine learning that can solve problems using bots.