• Vericast brands, QuickPivot and Direct Mail Manager (DMM), team up to allow customized multi-channel marketing from the QuickPivot customer data platform (CDP).

QuickPivot (a Vericast Company) is a leading CDP for multi-channel brands. At the same time, Direct Mail Manager is a software platform that automates the delivery and creation of customized postcards. Direct Mail Manager recently publicized a new integration that allows marketers to send on-demand, customized print postcards to consumers directly from the QuickPivot CDP. To deliver this unique solution to consumers, these two organizations have come together to leverage assets within the Vericast portfolio.

Paul Mandeville, Chief Product Officer at QuickPivot, a Vericast Company, commented: “This powerful partnership between the QuickPivot and Direct Mail Manager brands enables marketers to incorporate highly personalized direct-mail programs into their cross-channel marketing strategies.” Further, he added, “Many of our clients use QuickPivot to power their catalog programs, but there has been a desire for a more agile direct-mail option. This collaboration within the Vericast businesses answers the call.”

QuickPivot is the only CDP with native integration with Direct Mail Manager. Unlike a marketing automation platform or customer relationship management (CRM), the QuickPivot CDP securely stores all brand’s relevant first-party transactional, demographic, and behavioral data. Thus, allowing marketers to make more strategic decisions when it comes to personalization and segmentation. Now, QuickPivot allows its consumers to build multi-touch marketing campaigns that seamlessly move between direct mail and e-mail, thus making it ideal for re-engagement and re-targeting campaigns.

Some extra advantages of the solution comprise:

  • Ultimate data confidence – the stored customer data in the QuickPivot platform is passed via QuickPivot’s proprietary data refinery to offer the highest level of data quality to customers.
  • Personalized creative – within QuickPivot, customers can take information from any data attribute and insert directly onto the postcard creative.
  • Automated programs – it allows building a multi-touch marketing campaign directly in the QuickPivot CDP.
  • Timely outreach – each postcard is customized and mailed in 48 hours or less.

Liam Oliver, Vice President and amp; General Manager, Direct Mail Initiatives, commented: “Direct Mail Manager enables marketers to target, send, and track direct mail the same way they manage e-mail campaigns.” Further, he added, “With the QuickPivot CDP, brands can aggregate and securely store a significant amount of their customers’ demographic, behavioral and purchase data, which allows nearly limitless options for campaign segmentation and personalization.”

QuickPivot’s CDP has top-tier data management, campaign orchestration, and message activation capabilities, making it seamless and straightforward to set up and run a multi-channel marketing campaign. In comparison to other customer data platforms, QuickPivot offers enhanced data quality and native messaging capabilities across e-mail. Moreover, mobile and print channels allow marketers to maximize engagement with their consumers.