Pure Storage, the data solutions leader that assist innovators to build improved data storage, it recently announced that it will completely provide AI portfolio as a solution from early inception for a large scale production. An all hyperscale based configuration that is AI-ready infrastructure (AIRI) is designed to deliver supercomputing capabilities for the enterprises that can pioneer in the real world AI applications. The current offerings have gone beyond the capabilities of AI-ready solutions that are variable in the current market.

AIRI is the first compressive solution combined with the AI-ready solutions that will be available to the AI ready infrastructure, within the reach of data architects, and scientists. Using the AIRI the business leaders will soon be able to operationalize the AI at scale for every business requirements. Pure Storage was recently named as a Silver Winner for Storage Magazine 2018 Product for the Year in the storage arrays category.  Pure Storage portfolio of solutions for the AI-at-scale enables enterprises IT teams from any organization, for deploying the AI infrastructure that will provide the IT teams with the freedom to build applications faster rate and improved business outcomes. Pure Storage provides various AI tools that can be used to manageability challenges and productivity that can easily provide AIRI and FlashStack for AI.

Hyperscale AIRI will also support the NVIDIA DGX-2, delivering a simple but powerful architecture that will allow the organizations to utilize the true potential of AI. Using the NVIDIA NGC software container registry and AIRI scaling toolkit, data scientists can develop applications towards the containerized AI frameworks. It also assists in implementing the AI frameworks and rededicate time to deliver valuable insights from the data. Enterprises from various industries are trying to discover that AI is a necessary tool that can be used to tackle the existing problems for development and create opportunities.