Cloud Computing has been the front-runner in many technological innovations because of its suitability and flexibility. Organizations can save cost and implement better innovations using different computing abilities. Talk desk iQ an artificial intelligence based recommendation engine build for Call-Center as a Service (CaaS). Talk desk mines billions of data or interactions to understand customer insights and trends to provide guidance to contact center agents and improve the customer experience. The organization has an amazing record of 100 percent uptime with the industry standard of 99.999% of availability.

The CaaS technology service lets organizations communicate with customers in a number of ways they want a voice, email, SMS, live chat and even Chabot. It helps to communicate with your customers and to track the exact interaction of customers with different services/products provided by you. So cloud call center covers everything from analytics to reporting, APIs, integrations and customer service interaction.

Though we have different applications performing the same function of CaaS like CRM that is used to save the data and different API could be used to analyze the data. At Talk desk a Call center as a service just doesn’t come with CRM it comes along with different API to help achieve the end marketing goals without any hassle for integration. The current contact center services provided by organizations are structured and this results into months and dollars being spent on deployment. A cloud platform offers an open platform which lets you experience seamless interaction in a different environment.