Global Cannabinoids, the largest bulk and wholesale B2B manufacturer and distributor of hemp-derived cannabinoids, is proud to announce that its management has chosen the HubSpot software to provide world-class services that will enhance all aspects of their business.

As a data-driven company, Global Cannabinoids relies upon collecting information from inbound lead generation to identify trends in the cannabis market to position products in both manufacturing and distribution quickly and effectively to meet demand. HubSpot software will allow Global Cannabinoids to communicate with customers more effectively, track marketing materials, and manage sales processes.

“HubSpot Software will allow our company to not only achieve maximum growth but effectively manage that growth as we work hard to expand our business globally,” stated Kelly Ann Bortman, Chief Executive Officer of Global Cannabinoids.

HubSpot comprises Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Customer Management Services (CMS) Hub, and a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that will allow Global Cannabinoids to meet the sales and service expectations of customers worldwide. holds a database of over 70,000 customers and has experienced continuous massive growth. Global Cannabinoids customers are spread worldwide, including the leading medical marijuana brands, the veterinary industry, nutraceutical companies, and personal and skincare companies. It also includes Fortune 500 companies using CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and other hemp-derived cannabinoids in research and development and various product formulations.