ManyChat, the number one customer conversation platform, has collaborated with WhatsApp to help businesses automate, personalize, and scale their customer conversations.

Based on its proven track record of facilitating peer-to-business communications globally, WhatsApp has decided to work with ManyChat. Nearly 2 million organizations across 190 countries use ManyChat, which drives 8.5 million active conversations a day on Messenger by Facebook. ManyChat is capable of handling the powerful WhatsApp and has successfully expanded in about 180 countries.

With the help of ManyChat, different brands can easily reach out to 2 billion users of WhatsApp by carrying automation marketing campaigns that drive sales, answer common queries, or quickly connect customers to live chat agents.

“We’re excited to partner with WhatsApp. ManyChat is leading the way in helping businesses create meaningful relationships with their customers, and we’re just thrilled to offer our customers the ability to grow their business and customer relationships with WhatsApp,” says Dorian Quispe, Chief Marketing Officer at ManyChat.

ManyChat and WhatsApp together are focused on helping businesses maintain a healthy relationship with their customers by making provisions for comfortable and personalized chats. ManyChat has successfully driven a vibrant peer-to-business scenario – where half the recipients of ManyChat, powered by Facebook message reply in less than an hour, 90% of recipients reply within a day, while the average conversations continue for at least 10 minutes.

For the eCommerce field, ManyChat has made businesses generate incremental sales, specifically by recovering abandoned carts. Using ManyChat, many brands have recovered an average of USD 154 per cart. With the growing capabilities of WhatsApp, ManyChat is keen to continue to help retailers grow.

ManyChat has also facilitated its customers to manage Messenger and WhatsApp customer conversation channels from a single platform. Thus, ultimately making way for higher customer satisfaction and sales with increased operational efficiency.