Siemens, in collaboration with Salesforce, a US software developer, is about to develop a new pattern of workplace that will help organizations to reopen safely, keeping in mind all the measures taken to prevent coronavirus.

The project aims at bridging Salesforce’s platform with Siemens that will help arrange the processes, people, and things needed to develop a safe and connected workplace.

One of the best solutions includes “touchless office” with mobile staff boarding passes, which can be used for building and elevator entrances and a secure occupancy management system that allows employees to reserve conference rooms and desks.

Besides, by using the occupancy and location data generated by the Siemens Enlighted and Comfy software, including staff check-in and desk and room reservations, organizations will be able to extend their manual touch tracking process at It would make for a quicker and more positive response to emergencies. Contact tracing will have significant importance concerning the privacy of users.

As a result, businesses agree that this partnership and the tools offered would allow consumers to make data-driven decisions based on real-time data and create a scalable platform for future work experiences.

“The safe return of people to the workplace is a global challenge, and it’s vital that companies protect their employees to build trust and confidence,” said Roland Busch, Deputy CEO and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens. He added, “Together with Salesforce, we can swiftly support businesses around the world to implement technology which supports employees as they return to the office while laying the foundations of long-term digital transformation in workplaces.”