According to the recent IT spending research group, there has been an increase in the spending of server virtualization and also improving the backup and recovery. More than 633 enterprises were surveyed through the worldwide IT solution provider, with cybersecurity occupying 37 percent of the enterprise spending while the Improving the data recovery and backup are close to 20 percent, server virtualization was close to 20 of the future revenue goals and desktop virtualization closely followed at 18 percent.  Many enterprises are still looking for ways through which virtualization can actually be transformative through IT technology. In the early stage, the initiative can yield close to 20 percent to 40 percent increase in the utilization of hardware. The increased demand for strong solutions and the need for cloud initiatives that can be cost-effective and resilient will depend on the utilization of the current IT infrastructure and cloud solutions that need to be inducted. Virtualization was initially developed by the VMware as a solution for small enterprises to use the workstation product that allowed the users to run a bunch of Operating systems or versions without changing the infrastructure.  Instead of investing in individual storage solutions, virtualization arrived with a direct solution that helped the developers using multiple technologies to do testing and development, then introducing the virtualization tools to IT setup.

Computer virtualization actually impacts the production environment, for many of the software development, they can act as a server, desktop infrastructure, and also as a provisioning tool that can assist in considering the development of software. Software virtualization can assist in the development of different applications and software, providing a virtualized environment for development and testing.  Mark Friedman, a senior software architect working with Microsoft Developer Division has said that more than 3,000 developers are actually creating the Visual Studio and the .NET framework. He states that most of the development teams consist of developers and testers that need multiple virtualization environments just to test their environment the Microsoft Hyper-V technology is one of the key productivity tools.  

During the development stage, one of the key advantages of the virtualization is the unstable environment, which any developer expects in the early phase of the application design. Earlier versions might completely destabilize the developer’s entire computing environment. Many of the current developers have faced multiple challenges when dealing with various computing environment that can actually crash the complete system environments. Virtualization technology can save time and let the developers spend more of their time on the challenging stuff. The developers that initially used to spend a load of their time on making the system eligible for the multiple platforms now will be spending more time towards the development and testing. Virtualization can benefit the enterprises that need the cloning of the control systems. With the ease of testing and the need of the Experimental system, both assisting the need of Virtual machine (VM).  The Virtual machine toolkit is a valuable asset that offers virtual appliance with age of fewer hardware boxes. Cloning the clean computer system for the testing purpose is much easier compared to the copying of the disk image. Running a virtual machine can be easy if the enterprises don’t really want to tear down the complete system and need to overload the resource on the host machine.    

Limits in the Virtualization

Many of the developers have acknowledged the situations that testing on the virtualized network can actually lead towards the stress factor that can breakdown the total system. One area that we can test 10 simultaneous clients virtually with the different backup system, supposedly on the four virtual CPUs and two NICs that can, in fact, don’t act like complete constraints wherein the actually virtual environment can act like a complete different for the solutions when applied and used.  Virtualization adds much more complexity and it adds latency towards the virtual machine. The current generation of desktop virtualization still has many of the bugs that actually affect the function rather than just certain features. With the development of many solutions, it’s also imperative that some of the needs should be satisfied with the virtualized environment.   

For the load testing or scaling the developers must deal with many of the raw hardware environment and the physical machine. Performance characteristics of the application or software are quite different from the current virtual machine environment. The physical machine present in the virtual environment cannot be completely trusted with the current technology already in place.

For the complete test of the load and the scaling, a complete environment should be studied on the raw hardware environment. Unless the complete performance environment is being studied and derived with a complete solution.  The enterprises must understand the virtual environment can satisfy a certain part of the virtualization but completely trusting something can be very different.

Virtual Machine Solutions

1. VMware

VMware is the pioneer in the virtualization industry. The products and services provided by the enterprises are much more applicable and cost-effective. The end to end solution for the VMware vSphere with the operations management.  

2. Citrix

The maker of remote desktop tool GoToMyPC and online collaboration tools such as GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar offer many of the virtualization solutions for the small businesses.  The simple operational requirements and the ease in the user can actually assist the enterprises to make solutions much easier for the users. The XenApp that provides a solution providing the small businesses to instantly and securely virtualize the applications for the complete organizations.

3. Symantec

Symantec provides both the virtualization and virtualization security solutions. The workspace virtualization services make it easy to centrally deliver the apps and manage the devices along with different security packages that can minimize the risks of migration and using the virtualized environment. Symantec offers protection and complete backup solutions for the virtualized environment.


Virtualization cannot be called as a perfect solution but the enterprises can utilize the virtual environment to test many of the applications and software to make the technology more productive. It allows the resources to be utilized in places where it’s much more required than setting the environment that will also increase the infrastructure cost and delay the process.

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