iland a cloud infrastructure provider for business applications, recently announced that they have received an Award for Best Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure at VMworld 2018. The award was given to iland Lab Engine for finding solutions to cloud applications.

The cloud applications are meant to be scalable this results in increased demand in the industry for the IT teams that can provide the same features as a real machine. Deploying an agile and scalable model helps in improving the user experience with cloud technology. The requirements placed a burden on the IT teams that want to build and deliver the necessary infrastructure within a stipulated time frame.

Iland’s lab engine changes the scenarios by dispersing the workload, the enterprises can rapidly deploy and scale the virtual environment. Using the iland’s lab engine enterprises can test, perform quality analysis and enable the technical sales. iland lab engine can create a virtual machine based on the new or existing ones without any interference.

The virtual machine can be further saved as a template and can be scaled throughout by applying the iland infrastructure. Organizations are able to create complex networking requirements and virtual machine.

The lab engine also provided the ability to add instructor views or user guide. The Judges were pleased to see the development and innovation in the lab engine and declared it has the best virtualization and cloud infrastructure in 2018.