Array Network Inc., a network function platform development company that had developed the vAPV virtual application delivery controller recently announced that the virtual application would now be available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Using the Google Compute Engine, the virtual ADC will provide the organizations with an ability to enhance the performance and service of public cloud available or hybrid cloud. The Array’s virtual network will provide the organizations with security on the Google cloud network; this will enable the customers to deploy new models. With the availability of vAPV virtual application delivery controller on Google Cloud platform will enable the users to set utility pricing for each of the applications and services used.

The Array’s vAPV is a full-featured ADC product that offers different functionalities catering to the different layers. The product can be deployed from layer 3 through 7 with server load balancing, content routing, caching, compression, multi-layer security, link loading and global server balancing (GSLB). These functions hold the critical part of the organizations, as they shift towards private, public and hybrid cloud architectures.

Paul Andersen, VP of sales and marketing for Array Networks said in a statement that “The combination of different applications and solution with Google cloud platform will open a new marketplace for the company. Google cloud adoption will help us support the business-critical applications of enterprises.”

The virtual application provided by the Array has been verified in terms of compatibility with Google Cloud that ensures reliability and eases the deployment for users. Array offers monthly, yearly and lifetime subscription licenses on the basis of “owning the licenses” for Google cloud.