Just a few days before, Enea led the announcement of introducing Enea Edge, a virtualization platform for a variety of enterprise services running to uPCE.

Until now, SD-WAN has been driving enterprise edge services. And now, there is a substantial increase in demand for additional services such as security, private 5G, security, video analytics, and carrier Wi-Fi, as per Enea. Therefore, such needs will be thoroughly fulfilled by virtualization platforms such as Enea Edge, particularly tailored for the requirements of enterprise edge.

The virtualization platform’s lucrative features include easy deployment in any location, including thin branches without data centers, such as small offices and retail outlets.

It fits well into the place of a software platform capable of hosting a wide range of premises-based services and applications.

Enea Edge’s small footprint well differentiates from cloud computing platforms such as OpenStack. These platforms are too complex and resource-incentive for uPCE-based solutions.

What leaders have to say

Roy Chua, Founder and Principal at AvidThink, said, “Efficient and scalable virtualization platforms like Enea Edge enable service providers to roll out any network service or application component in any location on any white-box, all centrally managed and orchestrated.”

Karl Mörner, Vice President of Product Management at Enea, said, “With Enea Edge, we continue to evolve our resource-efficient open platform, which gives service providers the flexibility to choose the optimal mix of hardware and applications for their enterprise customers.”

Andile Ngcaba, inq. Chairman, said: “With Edge AI Video Analytics solutions powered by Deep Learning, inq. clients are able to gain valuable insights from data that can be used to drive business, safety, and compliance decisions within their organisations. inq. is pleased to be an Enea Edge partner with a particular focus on video analytics services.”