On March 9, 2021, Algoblu announced Network Element Virtualization (NEV) platform that virtualizes and orchestrates network resources to help carriers offer more application-oriented customized services to residential and commercial customers. The credit goes to new FPGA-based technology, which helps decrease the cost by approximately four times and increases operational efficiency three times.

The visible benefits of this platform are improved network bandwidth, network security, multi-cloud access, troubleshooting, and simplified network provisioning. Targeted customers are from video conferencing, industrial IoT, 4k/8k streaming, and other industries that need guaranteed network SLAs.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Algoblu to develop a Network Element Virtualization chip built on leading-edge FPGA technology. The chip is key to Algoblu’s NEV architecture with an FPGA-based SMartNIC, all developed in an elegant way,” says Dr. Endric Schubert, CTO at Missing Link Electronics.

“Algoblu’s Network Element Virtualization technology allows carriers to provide services across complex networks and, more than this, offer different classes of network services in a simple way, customized for our customers’ needs and their applications’ requirements,” said Jordan Deng, Founder and CEO of CIK Telecom, the third-largest independent service provider in Canada.

“Most vendors focus on managing existing network resources. We virtualize and orchestrate underlying network resources, which is a different approach that benefits telecom companies directly,” said Lawrence Lee, Founder and CEO of Algoblu. “We know how challenging it is for telcos to provide services across multi-vendor networks. With NEV, they can virtualize existing network infrastructures to be one, providing personalized multi-tier services with different encryption, bandwidth and latency, as well as guaranteed SLAs.”